Search Engine Marketing

As an ethical Internet marketing agency, we never guarantee search engine rankings for our clients. This is because Google is continually updating its algorithm in order to display the most relevant, trusted content on the web, filtering out what it deems to be spammy, over-optimised content.

As a white hat online agency, we understand precisely what Google wants: content-rich websites that people want to make use of, talk about and share with others.

Internet Marketing – Ethical SEO Services

Share is the key word here – Google sees a link as the ultimate endorsement. The more links your website receives, the more likely your website will be granted increased visibility in Google’s organic search results.

At Lunar Marketing, we do not carry out black hat, outdated link building exercises – we believe your website, its content and your business’s products and services should speak for itself. That’s why our approach to protecting and building upon your organic online presence is based solely on ethical Internet marketing practices: generating high quality content for your website,  and encouraging people interested in your products to share and endorse them on their own terms.

All the while,  we adhere to a white hat, ethical approach to search engine marketing to guarantee a safe, long term marketing strategy that won’t see you penalised by the major search engines.

Website Optimisation – Performance-Led Improvements

We don’t just market your website online – we carry out in-depth analysis of your website and make sound, data-led decisions. We carry out keyword research to determine what your target market is searching for,  analyse your visitors’ browsing habits and identify drop-off points that might have resulted in lost leads and revenue, aim for a balance between conversion rates, traffic and average basket values to maximise your profit, create alternative product descriptions and pages to reduce bounce rates and increase overall leads, sales and revenue – there really is little limit to how in-depth our analysis of your website can take us.

We are not a rankings-focused agency that promises the world and ultimately fails to deliver – what we are is a passionate, honest, transparent SEO service with a focus on sharing your product with the world, and offering expert digital expertise to help optimise and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Contact Lunar Marketing today if you would like to discuss our SEO marketing services. We’ll be happy to help.