Social Media

It has become one of the most important online marketing channels, yet surprisingly so many businesses are still neglecting the power of social media.

If actively nurtured, a social media campaign can help drive growth and increase visibility on Google, increase customer retention, as well as drive sales through word of mouth.

Lunar Marketing are experts in social media marketing. We can plan, implement and manage a social strategy through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the major social networks.

Social Engagement

Social media is not like other advertising channels – the key difference being that your target audience responds publicly to your company’s brand, operations and marketing activities.

Here is where the power of social media lies – if you neglect and leave your brand and its products unmoderated, then you will relinquish control of its public profile, allowing any comment, discussion or gripe about your service to spread throughout this highly volatile channel. But nurture your audience and you can help shape their personal experience of interacting with your business for the better, allowing your business’s profile and message to spread organically and continue to grow.

Lunar Marketing proactively manages your social media campaigns to both increase user engagement and shares, as well as actively promote your business to garner new followers.

Organic, Natural Online Growth

An effective, active social media  campaign does far more than simply protect the integrity of your business, improve customer loyalty and raise awareness through social media – today’s shoppers are Internet savvy and will glady share and endorse a business if their experience was a positive one. And through sharing your website and the products and services you offer via social media, the number of inks directed to your business will naturally increase. To Google, this is the ultimate endorsement, because links and shares through social media let Google know that your brand is a reliable, trustworthy one that warrants continued visibility in its search engines.

Social Moderation

Human beings are social creatures – we discuss, share knowledge and tell stories. It is therefore no surprise that most of us now have at least one social media account that we use to tell and share our own personal story, no matter how trivial our day-to-day experiences may be. With this in mind, a single, minor issue of one customer published on their social media account can all too quickly escalate through social channels and spread like wildfire.

As professional social media managers, Lunar Marketing can moderate your social media campaigns to both police and calm complainers, and engage in a polite and friendly conversation with your followers

Nobody understands your company’s products, ethos or procedures better than you. This is why we would never try to resolve an issue, such as a complaint or in-depth enquiry,  by ourselves without first contacting you. What we will do, however, is send a courteous response to the customer to let them know that the matter is being looked into and that a member of staff will be in touch shortly. We will then inform you straight away of the issue so that you can respond and deal with the issue accordingly.

If you are interested in having a bespoke social media strategy implemented for your business, or if you currently run several accounts but would like a social media audit, advice or management of these accounts, then contact Lunar Marketing today for more information on our social media management services.