Web Content

“With rates as low as £5.50 per page, you’ll be hard pressed finding a more affordable, yet professional copywriting service”

Nobody knows web content like we do. Many years’ experience writing copy, press releases and product descriptions for websites can attest to that.

Over the years we have written online copy for a huge range of websites, helping businesses and organisations to promote their products and services and increase their web presence. From editorial opinion pieces and blogs with the sole aim of attracting shares and mentions on social media, to technical product descriptions that provide detailed information on products and services.

All of the web content we provide for your website not only speaks volumes of your business and its offerings, but is also search engine friendly.

High Quality, Engaging Web Content

When it comes to your website’s content, there is one key aspect to consider: the user.

As an ethical online agency, we follow Google’s best practice guidelines when it comes to our web content service. After all, as the leading search engine, Google only wants to publish high quality, unique, engaging content for its users. For websites that promote a product or service, this means that the content should closely and transparently describe those offerings in a way that engages your visitors. Quality content that generates natural links, likes and mentions on social media thrive on Google, because Google sees these as the ultimate endorsement.

And as Google continues to refine its ever more intelligent algorithm, so too does it continue to filter out websites from its search results that only publish poorly written, over optimised content. Sadly we still receive enquiries from businesses who have been hurt by SEO companies still clinging to old hat techniques.

The key lesson to take away is that all the traffic in the world won’t help you to sell your products or services if the content your visitors read neither provides them with the information they need, nor engages them sufficiently to prompt them to pick up the phone or commit to a purchase.

In the words of Google, “content is king”.

Interested in having quality articles, blogs or product descriptions written for your website by a team of skilled UK writers? Then contact Lunar Marketing for more information on our web content writing services.

All of our web content is:

  • Written to brief.
  • Written by Lunar Marketing’s own in-house expert writers and not outsourced to freelance writers.
  • Edited and proofed by a skilled editor.