White Label Web Content Providers

With a team of expert, UK-based content writers, Lunar Marketing is the ideal partner for outsourcing your website article requirements.

Perhaps you are a fully-fledged digital agency that lacks the staff and talent to write copy for your own clients’ websites. Or maybe you are a freelance web developer that requires more content written for your projects than you can confidently handle. In these instances, Lunar Marketing will be happy to take on the work for you.

Bulk Content Writing Services

Let us state from the outset that we do not outsource any content writing work to other freelance writers, unless it is with your express permission to do so (for example, there is a particular technical subject which requires us to source an industry expert to write about their coveted expertise).

Lunar Marketing is run by a team of marketing professionals that have many years of experience writing website copy. All of our content is written in-house and edited by a third party for objective proofing. We can provide a one-off sample at your request should you require proof of our writing talent.

By using the same UK-based writers, you can be confident that the articles we provide to you are of a consistently high quality, written by experts that are only ever a local phone call away.

White Label Article Rates

By using Lunar Marketing as your preferred web content provider, you can rest assured that the articles you pay for are both affordable and delivered in a reliable, timely and professional manner. We do not provide you with unrealistic turnaround times. Instead, we work from a brief (which is written up and agreed upon by both parties from project to project), and we tell you how long it will take us to write the content in-house based on our own schedule.

Who We Work With

We offer a white label writing service for a range of clients, mostly marketing agencies that have a content strategy in place for their clients, but lack the staff capable of writing high quality content in a timely manner. For such clients we typically work from a set plan, but we are also capable of carrying out keyword research and producing our own content plans to help with workloads.

Some of our clients are freelance web designers that want to streamline their production process. Many will ask us to replace their Lorem Ipsum text with quality content. We also provide content services to web content companies that receive larger orders they cannot handle by themselves.

All of the content we write is provided to you to do with as you please, whether you choose to sell it on to your clients, or publish under your own name.

Find Out More About Our Web Content Services

Looking to outsource your clients’ web content? Contact Lunar Marketing today and enquire about our white label article writing services.

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